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Owing to the general chemical packing's shortage of acid resistance and alkali resistance such as paper or iron barrel which is free to corrosion or leakage on the way of transportation, the advanced countries like W.Germany, Japan, Europe and USA have eliminated this kind of traditional packing.

To comply with the industrial transformation and packing innovation, the company, was founded in 1987, established factory in Taoyuan also, introduced microcomputer thickness controlling plastic hollow forming machinery of the latest technology in ddition to using the superior polyethylene material of great molecular weight, low pressure and high density. Plastic container of more pH resistance, shock resistance, compact, value and security for all purposes is professionally produced, exceeding the function of paper or iron barrel. The products are primarily sold to all chemical manufacturers of the cality such as dye auxiliary, resin, leather ink, dyestuff, pigment factory and so on, even xported to USA, Ausralia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and ainland China etc. To conform to the offering to local and foreign marketing, the factory in Changhua was organized in 1993, equipped with wholly automatic installation, focuses on QC and diversified specification ranges from 10litre to 200litre according to ustomer's demand. Any partnership for exportation is invited.

The company also concentrates on the R&D of plastic hollow formed product(so-called blow forming), namely, auto dripping baffle, extensive storage container, bumper, supplying water box, tool box, plastic toy, plastic chair, highway anti-reflective board, sports goods of all types, of net weight 0.5 kg~12kg. Hollow forming machinery of all types are available with fully accessory. Every kind of hollow forming plastic production is acceptable. Welcome cooperation from all industries for co-prosperity and business expansion.